Residency Education

Our program offers a variety of unique educational experiences. Our residents rotate through rural and urban facilities both in hospitals and ambulatory settings. The educational curriculum is designed to provide the resident with varied experiences and perspectives throughout our Michigan community. Prioritizing patient care and the education of our residents is at the core of our mission. We provide engaging educational opportunities such as DEI-themed book clubs, a department-wide Film Festival, Residency Research Poster Day, resident sub-specialty conferences, community outreach projects, resident retreats, and resident wellness days.

PGY1 Rotations

Rotation Blocks Site
Inpatient Psychiatry 4-5 Sparrow, McLaren
Community Emergency Services 1 CEICMH
Inpatient Pediatrics 1 Hurley 
Emergency Medicine 1 Hurley
Internal Medicine 2 Sparrow
Family Medicine 2 Sparrow
Neurology 2 Sparrow


PGY2 Rotations

Rotation Blocks Site
Inpatient Psychiatry 2-3 Sparrow
Inpatient Geriatric Psychiatry 2


Addictions Psychiatry 2 Sparrow
Consult Liaison  2 Sparrow
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 2 Various
Elective 1-2 Various


PGY3 Rotations

Rotation Blocks Site
Outpatient Psychiatry 10 MSU
Outpatient Community Psychiatry 3 CEICMH

Opportunities to do longitudinal electives in DBT, student mental health, geriatric residential are available during the third year of continuous outpatient psychiatry.

PGY4 Rotations

Rotation Blocks Site
Inpatient Psychiatry 4-6 Sparrow, McLaren
Psychiatry Emergency Services 2-4 Sparrow, CEICMH
Forensic 2 CEICMH, Sparrow
Electives 1-5 Various

Available electives include any already established rotations and experiences, as well as Student Health, ECT, DBT, TBI and international electives at various sites including Malawi, Merida, MX, and Jordan. Residents are encouraged to seek electives in subspecialty areas of interest. 


Clinton Eaton Ingham ​
Community Mental Health (CEICMH)​

812 E. Jolly Rd.
Lansing, MI 48910​

Hurley Medical Center
1 Hurley Plaza
Flint, MI 

McLaren Greater Lansing
2900 Collins Rd. 
Lansing, MI ​

Michigan State University Sites​
Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic
909 Wilson Rd. B109 West Fee
East Lansing, MI ​

Olin Student Health Center - CAPS
463 E Circle Dr. 3rd Floor
East Lansing, MI ​

Sparrow Hospital Sites ​
Main Hospital
1215 E. Michigan Ave.
Lansing, MI ​

St. Lawrence Campus
1210 W. Saginaw St.
Lansing, MI ​

Sparrow Professional Bldg.
1200 E. Michigan Ave.
Lansing, MI ​


Seminars & Didactics

Weekly Thursday Didactics and Seminars

  • PGY1: psychopathology, psychopharmocology, psychiatric interview and psychiatric treatment modalities, cultural psychiatry, neurology and neuroscience
  • PGY2: brief psychotherapies, sub-specialties of psychiatry, college mental health, community outreach, ethics, geriatric case conference
  • PGY3: Case conference, psychodynamic psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, ambulatory psychiatry, community psychiatry, women's mental health​, adult development
  • PGY4: board review, career development, forensics, gender identity, child and adolescent psychiatry

General Psychiatry Seminar List

Grand Rounds 

(second Thursday of each month)

  • Special topics, case presentation, and morbidity and mortality conferences in psychiatry

Journal Club

(third Thursday of each month)

  • Resident led seminar on current topics in psychiatry 

Film Festival 

  • Annual residency program retreat that merges popular culture and the psychiatry discipline

Psychiatry Education Subspecialty Conferences

  • Bi-annual conference on select topics in psychiatry. Past conferences presented in conjunction with MSU Statewide Campus System: 
Conference Name Date

“Human Trafficking and Sexual Victimization” ​

March 18, 2022  ​

“Neuroscience” ​

November 12, 2021​

“Dialectical Behavior Therapy” ​

March 19, 2021​

“Social Justice and Racial Disparities” ​

October 16, 2020​

“Forensic Psychiatry” ​

November 15, 2019​

“Personality Disorders” ​

March 22, 2019​

“New Onset Psychosis” ​

November 5, 2018​

“Women’s Mental Health Conference” ​

May 18, 2018​

“Human Trafficking and Sexual Victimization” ​

November 3, 2017​

“Resident Wellness” ​

March 24, 2017​

“Neuroscience” ​

October 28, 2016​

“LGBTQ-Mental Health Education”​

March 25, 2016​

“Addictions Medicine”​

November 2015​

“Geriatric Psychiatry”​

March 17, 2015​


October 10, 2014​

“Cognitive Behavioral Therapy” ​

March 10, 2014​

“Dialectical Behavioral Therapy” ​

February 1, 2013​

“Women’s Mental Health” ​

November 16, 2012​


March 2, 2012​

“Eating Disorders”​

November 1, 2011​