Electives & Observerships

Students with a strong interest in psychiatry may choose to do a two or four-week Adult Psychiatry or Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Elective. Students must contact their CHM Director of Student Programs or COM Base Hospital Coordinators to schedule elective rotations.  If students are doing an away elective they must follow either the MSU CHM or MSU COM policy on scheduling elective rotations.

If you are a student from another medical school, electives will be listed in the VSAS system. We only have a limited number of spots for outside MSU students and preference is given to those who are interested in pursuing psychiatry as a specialty. 


Observerships and Externships

Due to the large number of medical students that we need to accommodate to complete their required training, we only offer observerships for people within one of our affiliated programs. If you are an undergraduate student or graduate student exploring options, please contact the medical education office.