Research & Outreach

Our department is committed to advancing the common good through efforts related to innovative research and community outreach both locally and nationally. The Global Neuropsychiatry Research team boasts leading experts in neuropsychiatric care aimed to alleviate human suffering as it pertains to global mental health. The Muslim Mental Health Consortium works to address the unique cultural needs for people suffering from mental illness in the U.S and abroad. 

With a growing demand for how mental illness impacts the health of our communities, the department has committed to joining with local, state, and national leaders to address how partnerships between government, education, healthcare, and the justice system can improve the lives of people. Collaborating with the City of Lansing through the Mayor's Mental Health Task Force brings community resources together to the forefront of the conversation in combating barriers to helping those most in need. The Adolescent Targeted Violence Prevention Project is a partnership with the department, the State of Michigan, and the National Policing Institute that aims to tackle the issue of targeted violence perpetrated by youths from a holistic community perspective.