Services and Practitioners

Adult Services

Adult Psychotherapy 
     Albert Aniskiewicz, PhD, ABPP 
     Dianne Singleton, PhD

     Albert Aniskiewicz, PhD

Eating Disorders 
     Lionel Rosen, MD 
     Christine Shafer, MD

Sports Psychiatry
     Lionel Rosen, MD

Couples Therapy
     Dianne Singleton, PhD

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
     Christopher Giuliano, PhD

Geriatric Psychiatry
     Deborah Wagenaar, DO, MS


Child and Adolescent Services

Psychiatric Assessment Services for Children and Adolescents:
     Christopher Giuliano, PhD
     Alyse Ley, DO
     Jed Magen, DO, MS
     Jeanette Scheid, MD, PhD
     Brian Smith, MD


For other mental health resources available at Michigan State University, visit MSU Counseling & Mental Health Resources Open link in new browser tab.