Alla Sikorskii, PhD

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NameAlla  Sikorskii
DepartmentDepartment of Psychiatry and Department of Statistics and Probability

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Joint appointment in Department of Psychiatry and Department of Statistics and Probability
909 Fee Rd, Room 321-A
East Lansing, MI 48824
(517) 432-1737,


Dr. Alla Sikorskii received her MS in Mathematics from Kiev University in 1992 and PhD in Statistics from Michigan State University in 2000. Her research interests include biostatistics and health outcomes. In collaboration with health scientists, she has developed a number of measurement tools for patient-reported outcomes (PROs). She proposed and implemented the approaches to handling measurement and analysis of multiple symptoms experienced by cancer patients. The definition of response to the management of symptoms is used in the design of a sequential multiple assignment randomized trial (SMART) that shifts from “one size fits all’ interventions to multi-stage intervention sequences that are tailored to individual patients based on the response to the previous intervention (R01 CA193706 Using SMART Design to Improve Symptom Management Strategies among Cancer Patients, Sikorskii A, Wyatt GK, multiple PIs, 2015-2019). Dr. Sikorskii has served as a co-investigator and statistician on numerous R01 grants funded by the National Institutes of Health. She has an extensive record of publications in health sciences, statistics, probability, and mathematics journals.





Meerschaert M. M., Sikorskii A. Stochastic Models for Fractional Calculus. De Gruyter, Studies in Mathematics 43, De Gruyter, Berlin, 2012, ISBN 978—3-11-025869-1.


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